LIFESTYLE: The Nanmo Yoga Challenge!

For the month of March, the staff and students at Nanyang Model Private High School will be participating in a yoga challenge!

Hosted by the Meditation & Yoga Club, this yoga challenge was created to motivate our staff and students to exercise at least once a day. Yoga is a relatively new activity here in Shanghai, which makes it very expensive if you are looking to practice here in the big city.

I started the Meditation & Yoga club for the purpose of improving the physical and mental well-being of my students, as well as myself.

The yoga challenge is open to anyone, so I highly encourage you to participate and help support our students!


More information: Each day for the month of March I (with the help of our sponsors and donators) will pick one posture for our staff and students to practice. Staff and students will document their progress by taking a picture of each posture that they try daily, and by sharing their photo on our Yoga Club WeChat group and/or on Instagram.

If YOU would like to participate, you can post each daily posture to your own Instagram account, with the appropriate hashtags (see picture above – #nanmoyogachallenge). Students and teachers who complete the challenge will receive prizes as well as an opportunity to win incredible donations from our sponsors, such as monthly memberships to Body & Soul Yoga Studio!

Stay tuned for more details mid-February, and Happy New Year!

Instagram: jessicamarcone


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