HEALTH: Time Out (from the food) Shanghai

Since moving to Shanghai I have experienced two things. First, that my body cannot physically handle all that Shanghai has to offer in terms of its saucy, spicy, and dumpling-y food. Second, this unhealthy yet delicious diet of Shanghainese noodles, steamed buns, and dumplings was not making me feel good. And so, the “hunt” began.

I made my first change by starting to order food and some household products off of an online grocery/delivery service called Kate & Kimi. K&K has made my life easier by having such tasty and affordable options to choose from. Plus, having your groceries delivered is something I can definitely get used to.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.43.48 AM

After a few weeks of cooking almost every night, I started to wonder if there were any organic grocery restaurants in my neighborhood. I ventured out to find a restaurant that cooked with organic, fresh produce, for a reasonable price. Let me introduce you to Green and Safe.

Green and Safe is a specialty grocery store and restaurant in the French Concession. Green and Safe owns a farm where they grow organic produce, which they sell at the restaurant. Besides the fresh fruits, veggies, and antibiotic/hormone-free meat, they make the BEST cookies! Seriously, the best cookies I have ever had. I go every week to stock up on cookies (try the banana-walnut!), coconut milk, leafy greens, and tea. They also serve a reasonably-priced brunch (I recommend their french toast and eggs benny).



Lastly, and most recently, I was told about this interesting specialty store called Hunter Gatherer. In a nutshell, it is two levels of awesomeness. On the first floor they have goods such as organic sauces, produce, soups, seasoning, you name it. The second floor hosts a fantastic cafeteria-style restaurant where you can “build-a-meal” based on your taste preferences. They offer a choice of grains, protein, veggies, etc. They also make 4 different in-house sauces that you can take to your table and try. The sweet chili sauce is to die for!


Hunter Gatherer also has a peanut and almond butter machine! Pinch yourself, it’s real!



Happy hunting!


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