LIFESTYLE: Things to do in Shanghai (1)

Every couple of months I will be posting a list of interesting things to do in Shanghai – as I slowly discover my favourites. I have been living here for just over 2 months, and I already have a few picks. Have a look!

1 – Planning a fun night out on the town? Head to Cirque le Soir (Shanghai, London, Dubai) for an over-the-top bar and dancing experience.

2 – Craving some Mediterranean food? Efes Turkish cuisine is the perfect choice.

3 – In a rush? Yang’s Fry Dumplings, hands down the best, every time. If you’ve been, then you know.

4 – Tianzifang shopping is “tons of fun”!

5 – Ride bicycles around the former French Concession.

5 – Traveling on a backpacker’s budget? Try Captain Bar on the Bund, which is located within a hostel.

6 – Din Tai Fung restaurant. It is a Taiwanese chain, but it is oh so good. Reasonably priced, delicious food. I recommend going with a large group and sharing plates.



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