Diez Vistas at Buntzen Lake, BC

Going on a local hike with a few good friends the day after a big Easter dinner is never a bad idea. Today we perspired our way up Diez Vistas, a (roughly) 4 hour hike located at Buntzen Lake in Coquitlam. The weather was perfect for some outdoor fun, not too hot, and no rain.

10277516_10154076948695013_138799615745902616_n copy

Diez Vistas is ideal for beginner to intermediate hikers, as it is fairly low impact, and very well marked. As you can see, I have enjoyed going up Diez Vistas a few times. I recommend it as a prep hike for summer wilderness adventures.

301922_10150794452065013_1520442313_n copy

Here is how to get there: www.trailpeak.com/trail-Buntzen-Lake-Diez-Vistas-near-Vancouver-BC-80


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