HEALTH: Generation Rx

If you are looking for an exceptional documentary, please take the time to watch Generation Rx. Psychological disorders have become an easy solution to ‘treat’ kids with behavioural problems. Some psychiatrists are prescribing drugs to children labeled as having chemical imbalances in their brain, while not taking the adequate procedures to properly diagnose. Anti-psychotics are a precursor to many health deficiencies, and damage the physiological system. These psychiatric medications are actually responsible for creating a chemical imbalance in the brain, not necessarily fixing a chemical imbalance. It is a chemical manipulation of consciousness, in many cases. Drug companies have billions of dollars at their disposal to introduce drug campaigns, which target schools. School-aged children are viewed as an “un-tapped” consumer market. Instead we have to develop proper coping skills in young children to deal with important (and often traumatic) life events that could potentially happen in the future.

I am not ignorant to the fact that there are children and youth who legitimately benefit from psychiatric drugs, because I work in the mental health field. However, prescribers have to be cautious when diagnosing children because psychotropic drugs have been scientifically proven to create negative neurological alterations. I think this video does a great job in spreading awareness.

Full video available on Netflix Canada.

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