LIFESTYLE: Ladies, meet your new best friend

I do not know about you, but I get beyond frustrated when experimenting with hair and makeup. I see the trends and try to imitate them, but it never quite works out right. The other night I caved and googled hair tutorials, and what I found was so inspirational!

Thanks to The Beauty Department, formed by a trio of ladies including former Hills star Lauren Conrad, I am now able to finally (and properly) test the waters with new hair and makeup tricks. I especially loved the Fishtail Braid tutorial, which is posted below. I literally use this style twice a week now, it is so practical! I also listed a few of the other tutorials I most admired, but do not forget to visit the entire website for even more lessons on DIY beauty.

Tri-coloured nail polish:

The Fishtail Braid:

Basic Bridal Makeup:

A lesson on Lashes:

Bright Eyes Makeup:

Have a look at the full website at:


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