HEALTH: Cuisinier Johnny Bridge – Recipes for Winter #4: Blood Orange Brulle

Johnny Bridge, a Vancouver-renowed Cuisinier (and personal friend of mine), was kind enough to provide us at Cardinal Blog with some very elegant and extraordinarily divine Winter recipes. Johnny is the Co-Owner and Chef de Partie of Cocktail and Canapé Kitchen. He puts the “party” back in Chef de Partie! Here is the last of four seductive dishes, Blood Orange Brulle.

Blood Orange Brulle: serves 2


1 blood orange – cut in half

¼ vanilla bean

4 tablespoons brown sugar

1 tablespoon naturally un-refined, non-bleach sugar


Segment both orange halves without removing meat or skin (aka: cut along all the connective lines so meat can be spooned out later).

Split vanilla bean and scrape out vanilla core. Add scrapings to ¼ cup of water.

Boil ¼ cup water and add brown sugar. Let all of the sugar dissolve and then cool.

Place one half of the orange face down in just enough of the simple syrup to cover the entire surface (leave for 20 minutes).

Remove orange from syrup. Lightly wipe, clean, and sprinkle sugar onto the open face of the orange, covering the surface evenly (like a creme bruelle).

Bruelle sugar with a torch and serve with a spoon.

Cuisinier: Johnny Bridge.



*Please use this contact information for inquiries about catering, and recipe information.


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