HEALTH: Cuisinier Johnny Bridge – Recipes for Winter #3: Passion Fruit Caviar

Johnny Bridge, a Vancouver-renowed Cuisinier (and personal friend of mine), was kind enough to provide us at Cardinal Blog with some very elegant and extraordinarily divine Winter recipes. Johnny is the Co-Owner and Chef de Partie of Cocktail and Canapé Kitchen. He puts the “party” back in Chef de Partie! Here is the third of four seductive dishes, Passion Fruit Caviar.

Passion Fruit Caviar


1 cup very cold vegetable oil (kept in freezer for one hour prior)

4oz. fresh passion fruit juice

1 gram Agar Agar

1 tablespoon water

1 oz. caviar per champagne flute


Mix juice, water and Agar Agar in small pot. Bring to a light boil for 30 seconds, and then remove from heat.

Using squeeze bottle, syringe, or a homemade plastic piping bag, drip the juice into the extremely cold oil drop-by-drop.

When all the juice has been dropped let it rest for 2 minutes and strain.

Rinse caviar lightly with cold water and store somewhere cold in apple or passion fruit juice until ready to serve.

Spoon in 1 oz. Of caviar per flute with your favourite champagne.

*Be gentle with caviar – it is caviar for goodness sake!

Cuisinier: Johnny Bridge.



*Please use this contact information for inquiries about catering, and recipe information.


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