LIFESTYLE: Food for Thought

Life doesn’t always go the way you expect it to, but if you remain optimistic and positive, life will never go wrong. Happiness is maintained through positive thinking and affirmations. The power of the mind is truly incredible – and dangerous. Some days I cannot believe how my mindset affects my mood and health. If I feel low, it is more than likely because I am not thinking positively. “You are what you eat” as they say, but I believe it is “You are what you think”.

When I am in a happy state, life is golden. Anything is achievable, and my confidence radiates. When I feel sad, I force myself into a slump. I am lazy, unmotivated, and careless. Life could pass me by and I would not even notice. Not to mention the toll it takes on my physical well-being. Stress and anxiety can contribute to today’s most crippling ailments. The question is, how do we stay happy in our minds so we can be happy with our health?

I mention exercise a lot on my blog.  This is because it works. Getting your body moving and juices flowing is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Unfortunately however, this is not the be-all end-all cure. As silly as this may sound, the key to physical health is all about a positive mind. If you think healthy, you will feel healthy. More specifically, if you think healthy, you will feel confident and motivated enough to get yourself to a gym so that you can be physically healthy.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. I work as an at-risk mental health counselor and from what I have seen in the lives of my clients, in my own life, and in life in general is that your mindset can make or break you. Never let yourself believe for a second that you are incapable of doing something. Never let yourself believe for a second that you are unworthy, or that your chance has passed you by. And most importantly, never EVER think that you are just not good enough. As cliché as this may sound, life is about living. Whether that means going back to school to pursue your lifelong dream of being a doctor or dance teacher, or taking that painting class you’ve always wanted to try, or even dropping everything for one year and travelling the world. Life is here for you to enjoy it. When you are feeling low, replace every negative thought with 2 positive ones. I’m serious. This is not silly. Soon enough you will be re-affirming the fact that you are a valuable person.

Stay positive by doing things that you love. Try something new and remember: life is not a race. Be happy, and do things at your own pace.

– Jessica


3 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: Food for Thought

  1. Great article Jessica! As you know about me having a PMA is something that I exercise on a regular basis. Recently I went to see a naturopath and that visit was a real eye opener…I’m not talking about the amount of money I spent in that one visit…rather I had no idea food allergies can also affect your moods and can also lead to depression.

    1. That is true Anna! There is so much about health and wellness that I am slowly discovering for myself. I’ve heard that insomnia is one allergy symptom, which in itself can can lead to many problems with mood. I just read that food allergies can cause fatigue, slowed thought processes, irritability, agitation, aggressive behaviour, nervousness, anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities (in children)! Your PMA is something that I have always looked up to, your confidence and happiness is contagious!

      Thank you 🙂

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