FASHION: Mela Clothing Boutique

Situated in a quaint new development in South Surrey, Mela Boutique is a bright, young store open for the fashion savvy in the suburbs of Vancouver. The shop is very inviting, as it beams in the sunlight facing the King George Highway. I visit owner Benita for a little Q&A on how she she opened her boutique, and why her shop is so special to her. As a host to the most lovely contemporary labels, it would be a shame to not make the drive and see Mela Boutique for your own eyes!

[Photographs by: Eric Tsai]

Tell me about Mela and what inspired you to open a fashion boutique.

Growing up I spent almost all of time at my Grandmas house. I was always so infatuated with the collection of jewelry, perfumes, scarves, and colorful fabrics she used to let me play with. I would set up a mock store and pretend I was a sales clerk! I think the drive to open a boutique was in me the entire time, yet I did not realize it then. I have always been into fashion and the creative aspect of it since I can remember – I used my strengths to my advantage, which led me to open Mela Boutique. My family is very important to me, therefore I wanted the name to have significance. The store is named after my great grandfather, Mela. His name meant “Festival” in the Indian language. I wanted everything about the store to be tied in with my love for family, because they have helped me get to where I am today.

What was your motivation for opening a clothing boutique in South Surrey? How does it compare or contrast to those in Vancouver?

There are honestly some really amazing individuals out here in South Surrey. Seeing how much Whiterock/South Surrey has developed over the past 5-10 years with young families, I felt as though there was a need for a unique little boutique. My favorite part of having the store here is that I get to engage in customer interaction. You are able to build a friendship easily in smaller neighborhoods, whereas Vancouver is much bigger. A lot of my regulars come in and they are sometimes here for an hour, we just chat and have a good time! There are many stores in Vancouver with the same style aesthetic as Mela Boutique, but sometimes the service is not there. We strive to make everyone’s experience here comfortable and easy, regardless of if they come in to purchase or not. We appreciate everyone who walks into Mela Boutique!

What are your top 3 favorite pieces for Fall 2011 from Mela Boutique?

The La Fee Verte Silk Romper in Teal, one word: Gorgeous! The color is beautiful and the fit is great. It is a piece you will feel confident wearing. Also, the Something Else dusty rose sweater. It is the cutest little sweater ever. I think sweaters look ultra trendy for Fall with a nice pair of shorts or leggings.

What are some accessories from your store that you would not leave home without?

My Brave leather bracelets, I wear one almost everyday. I have a few studded bracelets, and they are truly amazing. They add a little something to an outfit, I always get compliments whenever I wear them. I also do not leave my house without my Lisbeth sterling silver Key necklace – it always seems to pair well with everything. I do not accessorize with jewelry often, but the cuffs and the necklace add a subtle touch of attitude to my outfit .

If you are out in the area, do not forget to pop in and say Hi to Benita. This shop is one of my favourites, and guess what is new in store: James Perse and Paper Crown!

Mela Boutique is a new fashion hot-spot that I highly recommend. If you live in the Tri-Cities area like me and want to stay closer to home for some one-of-a-kind boutique shopping, Mela Boutique is your place!

Where: 112-2940 King George Highway, Surrey, BC

Phone: 778-294-1887


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