FASHION: Kiss + Makeup

Kiss & Makeup is West Vancouver’s trendiest Apothecary and Apparel boutique. Owner Heather Huntingford lent me her valuable insight on upcoming trends for Fall, cutting-edge beauty products, and why her shop appeals to women of all ages. Heather has truly nailed the “boutique shopping experience” down to a tee.

Kiss & Makeup is a collection of noteworthy finds spanning across all things apothecary to fashionable. This lovely boutique opened their doors in 2004 with a cosmetic focus in mind. As the years passed, clients urged for more product variation, so Kiss & Makeup expanded into jewelry. Soon after, the accessories came – then shoes, clothing, and a store expansion as well. Kiss & Makeup is truly a one-stop-shop for all things cool.

You may come in not knowing what you particularly need, but they have you covered. The friendly staff will help you find that specific moisturizer that will compliment your skin, a gift for an acquaintance, or a key accessory that will transition across a multitude of outfits. What if you are just looking to chat? Kiss & Makeup welcomes social butterflies as well!

I asked Heather a few questions.

If I were to walk into your store right now what would you recommend me purchase for Fall? 

1.       Frye, frye, frye. These boots are a shop-girl’s, busy mom, stressed out student, or a girl on the go’s best friend. The styles are of excellent quality, will carry on to many seasons, and look badass. I especially love the Turquoise Classic Campus that just arrived.

2.       12th Street by Cynthia Vincent. May I cheat and just say all of it? No, ok. The faux fur collared cardigan in a grayish army knit is so cozy. This sweater is so warm and on trend. The collar is almost a feathered faux fur and can be worn around the house or to amp-up an outfit as you are heading out the door. Speaking of, I best go nab one right now!

3.       The scarves. In particular: Sir Alistar Ray, A Peace Treaty, Leigh & Luca, Free People, and Thursday Island. Phew! With our variation in prints, price, material, weight, and size, we have your neck protected from the Fall winds.  Scarves are one of my most favourite parts of Fall, and the best accessory to change the look of an outfit.

What are your top 5 beauty products that you carry in-store right now? 

1.       The Essie Fall and Winter nail polish collections. When you want to purchase all six new colours at a time, you know they are doing something right.

2.       Stila Travel Palettes. Besides the names “Haute in the Hampton’s”, “Stunning in Sayulita”, or “Living the Life in Laguna”, the price and quality is freaking fantastic. $18 gets you 4 eyeshadows, a cheek colour, and a highlighter/bronzer. This line is so easy to throw in your bag and go.

3.       La Lacious – I am a body scrub freak, and this is the most wonderfully scented group of products that I have come across in ages! You can get away without moisturizing post shower (gasp!), and have the softest, smoothest skin without the product going on like an oil field.

4.       Vincent Longo Latex free eyelashes. With gala’s, winter formals, and Christmas parties right around the corner, we are so happy for those sensitive ladies because now they finally have a non-latex glue option which is easily accessible.

5.       Beeca’s Glossy Lip Tint in Cherrybomb – Try the blue-based red for a pop of colour that works on everyone.

Speaking of beauty products, what is all the hype with the Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner? I have heard about this product everywhere!

This eyeliner was designed for those incredibly intimidated by the mere thought of liquid liner. Its usability and versatility makes it so special. I literally mean special. Once it is dry there is no smudging, nada! This liner is not only found in every single one of our staff’s makeup bags, but we also have absolute beginner tweens, to makeup connoisseurs, to 80-year-old grandma’s all using this product. That is a rarity, as it is simply that easy to use.

What I noticed while perusing through the store was that the clientele was quite diverse. Here you will find a woman on the go; be that a mother, jet-setter, entrepreneur, socialite, or even university student.  These ladies are all hustling and bustling. They appreciate and expect quality here at Kiss & Makeup. The ideal Kiss & Makeup “woman” is constantly searching for looks that are actually achievable, and products that will do what they expect them to do.

The Kiss & Makeup clientele also varies between those well versed in the world of makeup and fashion to someone who is on completely foreign ground (as in washes their face with a bar of soap – which is a no no as it befuddles your skins Ph balance).

As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year, Kiss & Makeup is teaming up with Principessa beauty products and together are hosting an event on October 21st-23rd. This event will be an opportunity to raise money for breast cancer research. Principessa will donate $1.00 from each sale of their environmentally friendly tote bag, and the aluminum BPA free eco-chic water bottle, to breast cancer research.

Kiss & Makeup also hosts a plethora of private parties. If you would like to have your own champagne and shopping party, please do not hesitate to give them a call. Happy shopping!


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