Cliffhanger Coquitlam is the largest indoor rock climbing facility in Western Canada, and does it ever rock! I may be a little bias, as I used to manage the gym as well as teach rock climbing courses. What I must say though is that everyone should experience this adrenaline rush at least once in their lives. But let me warn you, it is addicting.

Indoor rock climbing gyms are ideal for the Fall. It is a great full-body workout, and a perfect opportunity to meet new people. I highly recommend rock climbing for couples or friends looking for a new weekly activity, as it takes two to belay. If you are familiar with the sport, Cliffhanger offers an assortment of lessons for the new to experienced climber. With walls up to 45ft, customers can get their sweat on trying ever-changing tope rope routes, lead climbing, bouldering, and even the wicked swinging ladder.

Rock climbing is an excellent example of fun exercise. Time just flies by while you are climbing, and you will definitely feel the results the next day. There is even a conditioning section of the gym reserved for after-climbing pull ups, core exercises, fingerboards, gymnastic rings, and medicine balls.

Booking a session is easy. Give Cliffhanger Coquitlam a phone call (604-526-2402) and reserve a spot for their next introductory course or two hour belay session. If the Coquitlam location does not work for you, Cliffhanger has two other exciting locations – one in Vancouver and in Richmond.

Come on in and give rock climbing a go!


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