FASHION: Fix up, Look sharp

Reasonably priced Fall looks for Men.

A reoccurring trend for men is flannel. I don’t know what it is about this pattern that makes it so alluring, but if I could offer one piece of advice to the men out there it is to buy at least one slim-fitting flannel long-sleeve shirt! Slim-fit is key. I do not mean choke-your-biceps tight, I just mean “fits a bit snug”. For example, the Zanerobe flannel/plaid long-sleeve from Privilege Boutique in Port Moody/Surrey (see below).

To get a better idea of what this style of shirt would look like on a body, check out one of my top picks for men’s shirts from H&M. This is the basic flannel shirt – for $29.95. Not too baggy, remember.

Sticking to the shirt theme, one of my favourite styles of plain shirts for men is the long-sleeve mid button-up shirt. Very simple, yet attractive. I like how the stylists at H&M layered these two long-sleeves, although wearing only one at a time can be sexy as you can leave the first few buttons undone to flaunt some skin. This is the Grandad shirt for $24.95 at H&M.

Moving onto sweaters. This is the mini thermal crew neck long-sleeve/sweater by Wings + Horns. This sweater is perfect for the cold months of Fall, transitioning into Winter. I like the inside-out stitching, and the slim fit again, adds shape. $98.00 at Roden Gray in Gastown.

Another version of the thermal long-sleeve sweater is the Wings + Horns mini thermal Henley shirt. Similar to the long-sleeve pictured above, different neck line. $110.00 from Roden Gray in Gastown.

Dark denim is always in style. I honestly think that dark denim is the most flattering, as you can wear pretty much wear anything with it. I like these Rag & Bone RB 15x jeans because the colour would pair well with whites, light or dark grey, colours like red – blue – green, and black. Very versatile. On sale for $152.60 from Roden Gray in Gastown.

Lastly, thick sweaters. Here are a couple to keep you cozy. First, the basic Sweater from H&M. I like the dark grey version better than the “natural white”. Either way, these are very affordable and they look great on. $39.95

If you are willing to spend a bit more money, and if you are searching for a more casual look, I would go for the Sueded Tiger Fleece zip-up hoodie by Wings + Horns. This sweatshirt fits properly, and the wash of the fabric is very cool. $182.00 from Roden Gray in Gastown.



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