FASHION: For all things Bridal

This summer has sparked some serious love connections, and have sealed the deal for a few as well. As you newly-engaged individuals prepare for your special day, take the time to look at this fabulous contemporary online Wedding Boutique called BHLDN. This website seriously covers all of the bases, but most importantly, there is not ONE tacky looking accessory or gown to be found. Bridal boutiques are notorious for being cheesy, frilly, and too taffeta for our own good. That is definitely not for me, and I am sure not for most of you either.

From gowns to jewelry to shoes to table decor, BHLDN has got your beautiful self covered – from head to toe.

After perusing the website for at least an hour, some pieces spoke particularly louder to me than others. Have a look at my top picks for BHLDN 2011…

The Tiered Tulip Gown – From the makers of Va Et Vien, designed exclusively for BHLDN.

The Windswept Gown – From the makes of There is Only You and Me, designed exclusively for BHLDN.

The Columnar Corset with separate Tulle Tiers Skirt – Quite possibly my favourite.

This is fun. I absolutely love how BHLDN carries sexy garder belts and lingerie. What do you think?

So cute! Here is an adorable plum bralette and panties to match.

Before we get you too excited, let’s see what BHLDN has in store for accessories and decor.

The Queen Anne Lace necklace is perfect for those who are searching for a more extravagant look.

And the Golden Raspberry Earrings might be simple and elegant enough for those who are looking to keep it classy.

Lastly, I will show you some stunning table decor to help set the vision for your wedding day. Below are the rather distinctive Silhouette Plates. Very regal and sophisticated.

Here is the lovely New Lily Vase, a statement item for the centre table bouquets.

And finally, a fun idea for the guests. The Banded Guest Diary sheets in Gold. A bundle of blanks for friends and family to write a little something to the bride and couple-to-be. I’d use these as part of a table display at a shower, or any type of pre-party.


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